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Does anyone else follow the Orangette blog?  if so, i apologize for the repetition.  anyway, i love it.  i love it so much that when we move back to seattle i might be in danger of becoming a molly stalker.  and it will be so much easier now that she and her husband are opening up a restaurant in ballard! think me and my three rugrats can stealthily hang about the restuaruant every day, all sydney bristow-like, without anyone noticing?  no?  must come up with another plan.

at any rate, how cool is that?  you all must go when it opens, take pictures, and tell me how it is so that i can live vicariously through you!

Too Cute Not To Include

From today’s paper:
A zoo keeper presents two Meishan piglets at the Tierpark zoo in Berlin on Tuesday. In Germany the pig is a traditional symbol for good luck at the beginning of a new year. (AP Photo/Markus Schreiber)
(December 30, 2008)

One of the many reasons I’m glad I don’t donate money to any religious organizations.

Federal Way officials approve copter pad for mega-church

FEDERAL WAY — A city hearing examiner has approved a helicopter landing pad for a Federal Way church.

It would allow Pastors Casey and Wendy Treat to fly between the Christian Faith Center in Federal Way and its Everett campus. Unless neighbors appeal to the city council, Monday’s decision will become final.

Some neighbors complained at a hearing of the possible noise, but the hearing examiner said there would be no measurable increase. There are restrictions against frequent or nighttime flights.

A church spokesman told The (Tacoma) News Tribune a helicopter would be used only on major religious holidays or for special guest speakers.

The church moved about a year ago from SeaTac to Federal Way.

It’s going to be a new year

Ok, I’ve started early (early for me!) on my “top things about 2008″ list! Is everyone working on theirs? I’ll post mine as soon as I’m done.

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”

So says the creed of the U.S. postal service — unless you live in Seattle and your street has 8 inches of snow and a slight hill… then you don’t get mail for a week. A whole week. We do not still have 8 inches of snow and haven’t in days. I’ve even seen the trucks on other streets close to our house, but no mail has been delivered or picked up on our street in a week. Hopefully today will be different, though there is still snow on our street so I suppose all bets are off.

Not a fan of the weather

It’s been cold here in Seattle with snow sticking on the ground, though not much, and a whole lot of ice. There have been a lot of accidents because most of us don’t know how to drive in this stuff.

Yesterday Slanky’s office was closed and so he made us waffles for breakfast. Remind me to get him to stay home more often. Today Mr. J and I ventured out and we didn’t fall down once (ok it would have only been me who fell down because I took the stroller just to be sure) but we did see a lot of cars slipping and sliding around. AND, we saw not one but TWO joggers. The first one we saw got a lot of bewildered looks from passersby in down town Ballard. The second one was jogging on one of the side streets we took back and she was taking such little steps it hardly seemed worth it. I guess more power to them but, man, my personal assessment is that’s nuts.

I’m hoping this weather doesn’t last. Since I’m one of those people who should really stay off the roads I might start to get a little stir-crazy if I can’t drive anywhere for another week. I hope all of you who have to drive are staying safe (or are better drivers than me!).

All Bundled for the Cold

All Bundled for the Cold

2 months!

muriel 2 months

this picture was taken on the train from colmar, france to basel, switzerland. muriel’s first international trip, not a bad way to celebrate a two month birthday! pat was trying to catch her sweet little gummy smile on camera when the picture was taken, but we didn’t have any success. hopefully soon!

her big sister and brother still adore her. rowan likes to stand next to me and imitate every move and sound i make when she lies in my lap and i talk baby talk or stick my tongue out at her. it is, at the same time, extremely irritating and heartwarming. niamh constantly asks to hold her. and i hear a lot of “baby happy!” or “baby sad!” muriel seems to have settled into a little bit of a routine. she takes a bath after rowan and niamh are done with theirs. then a bottle of pumped milk and she lays down to sleep (on her tummy. yes, i know, i know….) in the pack-n-play that’s in the living room, listening to the sound of ocean waves on the ipod. she usually comes into our bed about midnight. we are going to move her into niamh’s room after christmas. niamh will move in with rowan. that should be SO fun. note the dripping sarcasm in that sentence! hoping against hope, crossing my fingers, and praying desperately that we are still able to preserve their daily two hour nap. that two hour break during the day keeps me sane.

am worried because rowan doesn’t always sleep, he often plays the whole time with lots of woo-wooing (american police cars/ambulances), ba-boh-bah-bohs (swiss police cars/ambulances), dinosaur roars, and various train sound effects. niamh usually plays in her bed for thirty minutes or so (reading books, singing loudly, etc) before falling asleep.

not too confidence inspiring. i’m imagining jumping, running, crashing, wrestling, and a lot of fighting during my sacred quiet time. *sigh* wish us luck!

Thanksgiving on the Peninsula oh and some stuff about “Twilight”

Before going to PA for Thanksgiving Eve, Sara, Amy (oh and Sara’s friend Karin) went to see “Twilight” the movie. It was what it was – definitely much better than my expectations. I just watched it again this weekend with my mom and I liked it even better the second time around.  I think it helped to have moved beyond not accepting that the casting didn’t live up to my mind’s eye of the book characters.   I really liked the style of the filming and the color palette.  They definitely weren’t going for a Disney-like full color quality.  Of course they adjusted the plot points a bit but overall they stayed surprisingly close to the book.  Robert Pattinson, as Edward, was in fact pretty yummy but we caught a couple minutes of of him as Cedric in “The Goblet of Fire” on tv last night and he looks much better w/out white face paint and lipstick.  Too bad he dies in that one.

The baseball scene turned out really cool and the end credits really rocked.  Those were my favorite parts.  Sadly none of it was actually filmed in Forks or PA. Which was a bummer.  Forks the movie town was a cute little borough, definitely wet, but still cute which isn’t the real Forks, and the high school was this classic multi-story number you’d see, well I don’t know where you’d see it but not in Forks.  My mom even started laughing at that first shot of the school (and so did Amy and I the first time around). The brief scene in PA wasn’t at all like PA either.

Our PA (the REAL place) Thanksgiving was great as usual. 17 people counting Mr. Jonah-cakes who enjoyed his cauliflower and cheerios.

Bella Italia: The sign lets you know about Bella & Edward's First Date.

Bella Italia: The sign lets you know about Bella & Edward

On Saturday Slanky and I ditched the kid and went out to dinner and a movie. We decided to try Bella Italia because we’ve never been there. You “Twilight” fans will note its reference in the book. We told ourselves we definitely weren’t going there because of the book but I think we were a little curious as to how much they’d play it up. The Peninsula in general has benefited a lot from the Meyer-mania. You can read about that here.  My mom told us that there were some block-wide celebrations happening at all the businesses down town next to the theater showing “Twilight” when it first opened and we saw this display at a clothing store a couple storefronts down from Bella Italia.

Vampire-like clothes?  Not sure.  The apples in the display are a nice touch.

Vampire-like clothes? Not sure. The apples in the display are a nice touch.

Apple in display

Apple in display

Dinner at Bella Italia far exceeded our expectations (Is this starting to sound familiar? I think at this point I should just stop having expectations because I’ve been wrong so many times lately!).  We started with a calamari appi (sautéed with olives, artichokes, tomatoes & roasted garlic on polenta) and it was perfect.  The sauce was good, calamari was fresh and cooked well, the artichokes worked surprisingly well and the olives and garlic didn’t overpower anything.  We wiped down the plate with our leftover bread. It was that good. We also shared a small Caesar salad and the croutons were house-made – crunchy on the outside with a little bit of buttery chewiness on the inside, totally good. Slanky had a mushroom ravioli (which I pointed out to him, was what “Bella” had, he didn’t remember) and I had a smoked salmon fettuccini.  I think Slanky enjoyed his and mine was great too.  I’ve had better versions of this dish in the past (my personal preference is with no tomatoes but this version had them) but this was nothing to complain about.  The salmon was locally smoked and delicious and they did not skimp on it.  The dish was so big that I took half of it home.   We had a good white wine but I can’t remember what that was.  Later we headed to the movie.  We saw “Quantum of Solace” which sucked.  I could say more about that but I won’t.  In hindsight I should have forced Slanky to see “Twilight” instead.

Ha, ha, ha….