Howdy folks!

We are here in the process of cooking Thanksgiving dinner, independently, for the first time. Why are we not in PA, you ask? Well, family work schedules being what they are, Grandma is now hosting Thanksgiving on Sunday so we’ll go over later this weekend. This gap in our actual Thursday schedule left us with a unique opportunity to try and cook the meal on our own. Many of you have already been doing this for years but in our family we don’t mess with tradition. Grandma cooks the meal with a few additions from select family members. Always the same dishes. Always the same great taste. Anyway, my mom’s very skeptical because I’m cooking the turkey differently, we’re all a little skeptical that I’m making green bean casserole without the soup cans and who knows what will happen with the gravy.

So far it looks like the turkey is going to be a little late getting finished but hopefully by the time it’s done it’ll be good! I’ll post an update of our adventures in cooking later this evening.