Ha, I started this days ago! Man, how life has a way of setting up roadblocks to my blogging life!!


We just got back from the world of no internets, a.k.a, my Grandma’s house and I have to say, I think I’m done with Thanksgiving now!

On to a recap of our Thanksgiving.

The turkey turned out pretty well. We followed the New Best Recipe version of turkey cooking and even though I feared for a while that we’d cooked the wrong side up first (and completely berated slanky for it! it totally would have been his fault too because he was paying uber attention to all the pictures so I thought he’d have it covered) it turns out we had it the right way and it didn’t dry out like my mom feared it would. We should have cooked it for less time and that would have made it even better so next time I’ll start checking it earlier.

My mom wasn’t completely happy with her stuffing because she used bread crumbs insteadof cubes and she didn’t like the consistency as well. I thought it tasted fairly similar to her past versions.

Next up, the green bean casserole. I thought this turned out rather well even though I’d fussed with an Alton Brown recipe (since I was not putting mushrooms in). The coolest part was that you cook it in a cast iron skillet. It was pretty easy, just a roux, onions, fresh beans. Instead of making my own fried onions though I used some Trader Joes ones and they worked out fine. I think it helped add back a bit of nostalgia to the soup can version.
Slanky made buttermilk biscuits and they turned out nice and fluffy even though I forced him to use half whole wheat pastry flour. I think they would have been even better if we’d freshly baked them but time and oven space wouldn’t allow.

The potatoes were very straight forward, just cream, milk, butter and plenty of salt and pepper. I was originally thinking I’d try and do some sort of roast garlic mashed potatoes but with the gravy being a little more complicated I’m glad I didn’t because the flavors would have probably competed.

The gravy was a mixed bag. I decided that rather than worry about the state of the drippings after the turkey was done I’d follow a recipe for gravy from the New Best Recipe. It involved making a broth with the neck and other parts, then starting a roux with butter and flour and adding the broth in and then finally adding the pan drippings from the turkey. Before adding the drippings you were supposed to deglaze the pan with wine and I think that complicated the flavors a little bit (my mom and brother didn’t like the result as well as straight up gravy). I thought the flavor was good, though the gravy was a bit on the thin side but it was the last thing to be completed so I didn’t want to simmer it any longer. Overall, I’m glad we had actual gravy and not screwed up lumpy flour tasting stuff but next time I might try it the old fashioned way.

We also had a former coworker of Slanky’s over and she brought brussel’s sprouts and apple pie, which were quite tasty.

For appetizers I made some baked olives with spices and they turned out really good, though with the rest of the food not many of them got eaten. I also baked some brie and put cranberry sauce on the top and the flavors were good but I learned the hard lesson that brie is best baked in a whole wheel rather than a wedge. It got a little gooey and runny.

For our first run at our own Thanksgiving I was really proud of how well we did! I probably won’t be doing anything like it again for a while but it was a nice accomplishment.