I LOVE poached eggs.  Yellow, soft, warm, runny, what’s not to love?  Okay, well, apparently some people (Pat) do not love them.  Actually, that does not adequately describe Pat’s feelings towards poached eggs.  They completely gross him out, and I think he’d rather eat grass than poached eggs.  Which makes me curious, how do my fellow Roses feel about poached eggs?  Anyway, despite my adoration for poached eggs, I did not make them very often because they can be such a pain.  Until I came across these fabulous little silicone egg cups at King Arthur Flour.

Ingenious!!  I coat the cups with a little butter and the eggs slide right out of the cup.  No mess, no fuss.  Hooray!  I enjoy poached eggs a couple of times a week now.

And on another note, the butter in this picture is Bordier butter I picked up in Paris when we were there last June with the Stewarts.  I froze a couple packages, and that was the last of it.  Sigh.  The Moveable Feast people are a bit wrong about the butter, I think.  I personally was not a huge fan of butter (other than being a firm believer in using loads of it when baking) until I tasted the Bordier Butter.  Amazing.  Instead of the thin, meager layer of butter I normally put on toast, with Bordier butter I spread on an overly generous, very thick layer.  (white bread is best, but on this particular day I only had brown on hand).  And then lick the butter knife afterwards.  Though again, like poached eggs, there are apparently differing opinions on the fabulousness of Bordier butter (weirdos).