We walked down to Cupcake Royale for Corbin’s half birthday the other day and I have to say, it impressed me. I’ve never liked their coffee or cupcakes all that much, to be honest. Verite Coffee has a somewhat strange taste and when the cupcake place first opened I thought the batter tasted like it had too much almond extract. For a while now the cupcakes haven’t tasted like that but I still haven’t been a fan. Most of the flavors I’ve had are just too dry. That being said, I have a lot of respect for the owners and their community commitments so I always give it a live and let live attitude. It’s an easy walk from the house though so I’ve been a few times lately and the staff has slowly softened me with their sweetness and great attitude towards the kids, especially given that the majority of their clientele are people with laptops. ANYWAY. Back to the walk. We got a babycake for each kid and Corbin immediately dumped his on the ground outside. When I went back in to buy another they gave it to me for free. How nice, right? I had the strawberry shortcake flavor and it was perfectly moist and a good flavor. AND they now serve ice cream.

If I can figure out the technology I’ll post a picture.